Marine Equipments & Spare Parts Our priority is provide every marine, offshore equipment and spare parts in top quality with necessary certifications that a vessel may need during her voyage and mission within our ‘best price and efficient service’ policy while maintaining international regulations in accordance with IMO, Solas, CE, IMPA and ISSA standards.

Shipbuilding and Shipyard Industrial Equipment and Spare Parts

Shipbuilding Materials and Semi-finished Goods
Shipbuilding Steel
Metal Processing and Metalworking
Paint Spraying Equipment
Scaffolding and Racking
Ship Cleaning

Ship Fittings and Equipment

Anchor Fittings and Accessories
Deck Machinery and Accessories
Deck Coverings, Hatch Cover and Fittings
Cargo Cranes, Hose Handling Cranes

Main Propulsion Systems and Equipment

Engine Components
Engine Maintenance
Exhaust Gas Systems/ Exhaust Gas Treatment
Shaft Units
Tools and Accessories

Auxiliary Propulsion Systems and Equipment

Diesel Generator
Sludge and Dirty Oil System
Compressed Air System
Cooling Water System
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment

Ship Operation Equipment

Air-conditioning and Ventilation Equipment
Ship Safety Equipment
Cargo Hold & Tank Cleaning Equipment

Rigging and Lifting Equipment

Lashing Material For Containers
Lashing Material For Dry Cargo
Conveyor and Spare Parts

Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Communication Equipment
Navigational Equipment
Electric Motors
Lighting Systems
Monitoring Systems
Shipboard Network and Installation
Warning and Safety Equipment
Security System