Turkey, with its geographic and strategic position constitutes a vital bridge between continents. Therefore, transit transportation makes it mandatory for thousands of ships call at Turkish Ports and pass through Turkish straits every year due to the increasing maritime trade and globalization as well as increasing the use of ports by numerous commercial vessels.
Cruise ship visits to our lovely country which increased gradually in recent years, made serious contributions that cannot be ignored to maritime trade along with tourism area. In this context Simsekler, with its experienced staff force, raising the bar again by expanding its customer range regardless of time and location and remaining loyal to international standards, where the company plays a significant role, adding remarkable value to ship supply market.
Navy ships are included in our service network along with commercial and cruise vessels. We are ready 24/7 to offer the most competitive prices for our top quality products to your unlimited demands and requirement. Navy vessels that are visiting and carrying out missions in Turkish territorial water and naval bases are provided with the following services in top priority and in discipline by our specialized supply team.
With our local market acknowledge and experience We supply the offshore vessels such as PSV, AHTS, CSV, DSV, SSBV, Oil rigs, Platforms, Drilling vessels, Cable laying vessels, Seismic vessels, and Firefighting vessels with the best quality and the most competitive priced food, beverage, marine and offshore equipment and parts during their stay in Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Black Sea and Marmara Sea.
Simsekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc offers ship repair and technical services for marine and offshore industries and ships since 1976. Simsekler undertakes any types of repair, maintenance and technical services for hull, deck, engine, bridge, cargo equipment and systems.
Simsekler represents a number of most reliable Turkish Shipyards, dry docks and repair companies in Turkey that can carry out regular and emergency repairs, general maintenance and technical services. Simsekler helps to the ship owners to find the right ship repair yards in Turkey where repairs are performed at most competitive prices by experts. Simsekler offers husbandary and agency services to your ships during their dry docking at Turkish Ship Repair Yards. Using Simsekler as your shipyard agent will save your time and minimize your costs.
Simsekler General Ship Chandler & Ship Repair Inc offers underwater services and repair at all Turkish Ports via contractors are fully trained, experienced and certified by IACS Members.
Simsekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc provides fire fighting, life saving instruments and safety equipments inspection services, maintenance, repair, reporting and sales wide range of certified the best quality safety products and spares that comply International Standards and Rules to meet your requirements. Our safety experts, contracted service stations and workshops authorized by manufacturers are fully trained, experienced, certified by IACS Members and comply with Flag State requirements.
Simsekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc is the leading marine equipments and ship spares logistic company in Turkey. Simsekler provides storage, consolidation and transportation of marine equipments and ship spares at all Turkish Ports & Straits.
Simsekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc. offers cleaning services to prepare your ships’ cargo holds and tanks for their next cargos. Simsekler uses environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning the ships’ cargo holds and tanks.
Simsekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc. offers fumigation services and treatments to marine and offshore facilities, ships, trucks and containers according to International Standards.
Simsekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc rental service provides marine and industrial equipments meet your specific requirements for short or long term projects at any Turkish Ports & Straits. You can save both time and cost choosing Simsekler Rental Service. Simsekler Rental Service offers marine and industrial equipments are under regular maintenances, documented with reports and certificates.