Ship Repair & Technical Services Simsekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc offers ship repair and technical services for marine and offshore industries and ships since 1976. Simsekler undertakes any types of repair, maintenance and technical services for hull, deck, engine, bridge, cargo equipment and systems.

Simsekler also offers pre-purchase inspections as well as condition surveys and technical superintendence and consultancy to marine and offshore companies and ships. For all repairs we use only the best quality and original spare parts to provide reliable remedy to keep your ships safe and in the business. Our experienced engineers group, solution oriented technical experts, verified contractors and wide range of service network are always ready to offer 7/24 reliable and fast service atall Turkish ports and shipyards.

General Repairs, Overhaul and Maintenance On Board, Ashore
Emergency Repairs
Technical Services
Marine Spare Parts Reconditioning
Retrofitting and Installation Of Deck, Engine, Cargo and Other Marine Equipment
Pre-purchase Inspection and Condition Surveys
Technical Superintendence and Consultancy Services
Marine Main Engines Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance
Marine Auxiliary Engines and Shaft Generator Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance
Marine Turbochargers Overhaul and Repair
Marine Boilers Repair, Retrofit, Re-tubing, Refractory Insulation, Chemical Cleaning, Hydro-washing and Spare Parts
Marine Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Coolers Repair, Re-tubing, Refurbishing, Leak
Testing, Cleaning, Regasketing and Replacements
Marine Refrigeration, Air Conditioning System and Hvac System Maintenance, Service and Repair
Marine Hydraulic Equipment, Machines and Components Included Pumps, Motors,actuators, Valves, And Cylinders Etc Service, Repair and Maintenance
Marine Pneumatic Equipment, Machine and Components Service, Repair and Maintenance
Marine Electrical and Electronics Service, Installation, Testing and Repair
Switchboard Installation‚ Service‚ And Replacement
Marine Electric Motor and Generator Rewinding and Mechanical Repairs
Marine Air Compressor Service and Repair
Marine Ows and Separators Service and Repair
Fw Generator Service and Repair
Marine Steel Renewal Works
Marine Pipe Works
Marine Cranes and Windlass Winches Repair, Service and Maintenance
Manufacturing Of Marine Rigging, Lifting and Handling Equipment
Emergency Towing Arrangement
Removal/Reinstallation Of Offshore Oil Rigs’ Derrick Top and Bottom Sections, Drilling Packages