Simsekler – General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc


Turkiye's Premier Ship Chandler since 1976

In 1976, the brothers Simsek opened their first greengrocery shop in Aliaga, and their passion for ship supply began as a family business. They saw the potential and business opportunity in serving the vessels that were berthed nearby, and Simsekler General Ship Chandlers Inc. was founded because they enjoyed helping people and being near one of the busiest ports.


Simsekler fulfills maritime needs by serving at all Turkish Ports, Turkish Straits including Istanbul Bosphorus Straits, Canakkale Dardanelles Straits, and Turkish shipyards in the Tuzla and Yalova regions, with a strong heritage of more than 47 years and also with the support of family & employees, Simsekler has always been the leading and most reliable ship chandler company in Türkiye.

Since the beginning, we have provided one-stop ship supplies, ship repair, and green ship recycling, and our product portfolio is diverse and encompasses all of our customers needs.


Simsekler General Ship Chandlers Inc.’s sustainability has grown over the years due to technological structure innovation. Simsekler is constantly improving and renewing itself to maintain high and competitive standards. Because of our extensive experience in the ship supply industry, we are successfully encompassing the entire customer joumey, focusing on solutions and internal digitalization.

We serve on the boards of national and international non-governmental organizations, and we are expanding in Türkiye’s shipping supply sector.

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